Condo Associations

Wolverton & Co partners with Condominium Associations along Philadelphia's Main Line at all levels— homeowners, committees, Board of Directors, on-site staff and vendors, and building developers.

We lead, not hide. We help address the concerns and issues of individual condo owners or renters and assist with the management of the condo units, grounds, and financials—even provide guidance on basic construction, state and county laws, and accounting and finance.

No detail left to chance. From the entryways and general landscaping to the interiors and exteriors of the condo units, Wolverton & Co is proactive and can respond quickly to urgent needs.

Our full service condo management services include:

  • Condominium document review
  • Condominium records management
  • Budgets/Assessments/Collections
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Financial management
  • General administration

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