Full Service & À la Carte Management

Cost Effective Services

Cost-Effective Property Management Services

Managing a rental property takes time, experience and resources as it encompasses many different jobs—finding good tenants, collecting rent, building maintenance, etc.

Wolverton & Co. Property Management takes the burden out of property management, ensuring your properties are fully maintained, leased by reputable tenants and generating income. Wolverton manages single and multi-unit residential properties along Philadelphia's Main Line and neighboring counties. Here's how our services and reputation sets us apart.

Complete Range of Services. Wolverton offers comprehensive management services so you only need to interface with us and not multiple vendors. Our range of services includes:

  • Advertise/market property
  • Tenant screening/leasing/negotiations
  • Evictions
  • Rent collection
  • Insurance coverage (via our partnership)
  • Bill payment
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Vendor relations
  • Property maintenance/inspections

Sub-50 Specialist. Since Wolverton only serves landlords and associations with less than 50 units, every client is our big client. By leveraging our cost-effective services model and network of contractors, you can take advantage of the same economies of scale leveraged by larger real estate portfolios.

Customized Services. Whether you want comprehensive or à la carte management services, Wolverton provides custom property management solutions that meet individual requirements. Contract only the services you need and we'll develop a strategy tailor-made for your property.

Localized Expertise. Because we specialize in properties across Greater Philadelphia, Delaware County and Montgomery County, Wolverton knows the local real estate market and its municipal requirements. We've developed close relationships with local plumbers, painters and other professional contractors for prompt and honest service.

Technology Driven. Technology makes our processes and communications convenient and easy.
By automating our maintenance work order process, Wolverton can efficiently initiate property improvements or emergencies 24/7/365 with a network of contractors for fast and efficient
property maintenance.

Increasing Occupancy Rates

Maintaining high occupancy rates among properties is critical to your profitability. Every month a unit is vacant, you lose revenue that you can never recover.

Wolverton & Co. Property Management is proactive in filling vacancies, even before the current tenant leaves. Prior to lease expiration, we inspect the property, market the listing and pre-screen prospective tenants. Our proactive property management services decrease average vacancy rates while increasing your income.

Rent-Ready Inspection. Wolverton inspects units and evaluates needed repairs and upgrades 60 days prior to lease termination. We determine what repairs are reasonable and those that should be deducted from a tenant's deposit. We also contract for work and services prior to vacancy, maintaining a timeline and estimate of costs to ready the unit for the next tenant.

Quick Maintenance. Because we line up contractors to perform work upon vacancy, work
gets done faster. The day the tenants leave is the very same day our contractors typically begin work.
We understand that every day a contractor is unavailable results in another vacant day that
costs you money.

Property Listing. As soon as a tenant gives notice, we list your property. Using a number of marketing tactics including print advertising, online listings, open houses, realtor referrals and tenant networking, we create demand for your property to find a tenant suitable for your property.

Screening Prospective Tenants. By utilizing an effective screening process, Wolverton maintains a low vacancy and eviction rate and acquires quality tenants across our client's different properties. In addition to looking for new tenants early, we begin the screening process with the first phone call to get preliminary information about applications to determine a match. Once a prospective tenant completes an application, our property managers conduct a background check including reference and credential clearances to ensure you get qualified tenants for your properties. We strive to get tenants that pay on time, stay in the unit longer and maintain the high standards of your property. Vacancy rates are minimized by taking the time to get the right tenant through appropriate screening.

Property Portfolio Optimization

Are your assets performing optimally? As an owner of multiple real estate properties, you want to ensure your entire portfolio is achieving the highest ROI for you.

By conducting an audit of your real estate properties, Wolverton & Co. Property Management can identify areas needing improvement and develop strategies to optimize your portfolio. We help clients improve profitability, reduce expenditures and risk through a variety of optimization tactics.

Property Assessment. Wolverton assesses each segment of your portfolio, identifying strengths and weaknesses in different properties, and then proposes strategies to improve deficit areas and strengthen high-performing assets.

Rent Re-negotiation. Through market-based rent valuations, Wolverton ensures your properties are leased at market rental rates. Using our real estate expertise and landlord relationships, we know how to turn around legacy renters and improve your tenant base to maximize income.

Operational Expenses. By identifying opportunities for cost reductions in operational and capital expenditures, our clients realize new savings that often result in substantial gains and often times more than covers the expense of our services.

Maintenance Plan. Wolverton executes property maintenance assessments, providing detailed reports on conditions and urgent needs. We also develop preventative maintenance plans to retain property value and reduce the occurrence of unplanned repairs.

Assess Capital Improvements. Experts in real estate, Wolverton can help you determine if its time to refurbish or update a property. An updated façade or new appliances can substantiate an increase in rent or interest different clientele in your properties.

Buy and Sell Assistance. With strong ties in real estate, Wolverton can help you identify and sell poor-performing properties or just test the market value of your current assets. Through our property owner network, we conduct property searches based on client's specific criteria to find the right investment opportunities.

Tenant Retention Strategies

Retaining financially sound tenants in your properties is paramount to maintaining cash flow. The loss and replacement of a tenant can significantly impact your income, especially if the property remains vacant over time.

Wolverton & Co. Property Management takes a strategic approach to tenant retention, developing and executing programs that are an integral part of a property's long-term success. As property owners and real estate experts, we know how to make a tenant feel valued through superior service, regular communications and professional negotiations.

Excellent Service. Operating in a customer-service mode, Wolverton accommodates both the owners' and tenants' requests. We listen to tenant concerns and offer prompt solutions that are within our scope of authority. Tenants who feel their needs are fulfilled are more likely to renew leases.

Regular Communications. We stay close to tenants through regular communications during the course of the lease. By listening and responding to their feedback, we better understand tenant concerns. Personal problems are resolved on a one-on-one basis before a tenant begins to look elsewhere.

Property Maintenance. Wolverton ensure properties are well-maintained, manicured and functioning properly. With our large network of quality contractors, we execute repairs promptly, both in leased units and common areas. We regularly suggest capital improvements to enhance property value while showing tenants that you care about their home.

The Right Price. Price affects both your occupancy rate and profitability. Our property managers regularly survey the competition and market trends to ensure rental rates are appropriate for a specific property. Tenants are notified when rent increases are coming, with a detailed explanation.

Exit Interview. We contact tenants well in advance regarding lease renewal. If a tenant intends to move and cannot be convinced to stay, we conduct an exit interview to understand the departure. Using this information, we can make necessary changes and improvements that can help retain other tenants. Wolverton always ends the tenant relationship on good terms, leaving the door open for a renewed lease or new leasing opportunities.