Single Family

Residential management for single-family properties

Along Philadelphia's Main Line, Wolverton & Co continues to transform new and underperforming properties into more profitable returns for our clients. Owners and tenants can both vouch that renting or leasing an apartment building can be challenging. Our approach is hands-on—removing headaches for all parties from the lease inception to the ongoing property maintenance.

Our single-family, full service property management includes:

  • Vacancy showing
  • Lease and rent collection
  • Eviction coordination
  • Supervision and maintenance
  • Emergency service
  • Bill payments and direct deposits
  • Property inspections
  • Capital improvement estimates
  • Financial reporting
  • Annual housing license renewal

In Constant Pursuit. Wolverton & Co deploys aggressive marketing campaigns to attract qualified candidates to your property. And, we use comprehensive screening techniques to ensure your tenants are responsible citizens that are also respectful of your property. Our tenant retention program aims to keep your tenants at their current property or expand them into other properties you may have.

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